Wait…What?! More School?

While watching the Arrows play outside during free time the other day, I was struck by their joyful exuberance. It was palpable, and I found myself smiling just watching them.

As I was taking it all in, a handful of comments that I’ve recently heard from many of you came to mind. Being that we just launched our Detective Science Quest, I’ll let you put your gumshoes on to see if you can crack the code regarding the theme they share:

1. My children were disappointed on Friday afternoon to realize that there was no school tomorrow.

2. I told my children that we could just head home after their doctor’s appointment since it was pretty late, but they insisted on returning to the studio.

3. My child was feeling under the weather but was adamant that he wanted to come to school.

4. My child had a medical procedure and told me that she was planning to return to the studio that same afternoon.

5. My daughter is begging for more school. Can we switch to the 5-day option?

Our goal has always been to create an environment where the love of learning burns bright, and where our learners have the freedom to grow into the heroes they were created to be. It is a gift to see this vision come to reality in the joyful exuberance of our learners. I am deeply grateful for this community and for each and every one of you. 

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