Press and Praise for Acton Academy

“Acton Academy is one of the most important education developments in the world.”

—Tom Vander Ark, CEO of Getting Smart, former executive director of education for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation


“Acton Academy is on the vanguard of change in education in our country. After reading [Courage to Grow], your first two questions will probably be, ‘Why couldn’t my school be like this?’ and ‘How can I send my kids to Acton?’ This is an important story about learning what matters.”

—Seth Godin, best-selling author of Purple Cow


the Acton Academy promise is shockingly bold and full of agency.”

         —Forbes, August 2019


“Inside the growing education movement.”

Inc. Magazine, March 2017


“Acton Academy is on the leading edge of what it means to give students agency of their own learning.”
         — Sal Khan, founder of Khan Academy



“I am confident that any randomly-selected ten-year-old from Acton would have succeeded instantly where at least some MIT graduates failed.”

         — Matt Greenfield, Rethink Education, March 28, 2022



“I’ve visited and studied hundreds of innovative models of schooling over the past decade, and Acton continues to be one of the most promising models…. Acton is a truly inspiring and exceptional school.”

—Bernard Bull, associate professor of education at Concordia University Wisconsin, author of Etale – Education, Innovation, Experimentation


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