Do you believe in heroes? We do! Welcome to the Believe in Heroes Summit. Throughout this virtual summit we will be exploring the “why” behind Acton Academy. Why are we here, and why do we do what we do? Simply stated, we do it for you! At Acton we believe that every person who enters our doors deserves to find a calling to change the world using their own unique genius. We will also be exploring the “who” of Acton Academy. Who are we? Acton Academy is a worldwide network of learner driven communities, founded by parent entrepreneurs that believe in young heroes. Most importantly, however, Acton Academies are led by their learner driven heroes.

Because some registrants did not receive the link to the Summit on May 1st, the recordings will be temporarily available here through May 13th.

From Beliefs to Breakthroughs: A Glance Inside Learner Driven Communities

From Beliefs to breakthroughs.  Get ready, because today we are taking a glance inside learner driven communities with the leading expert, Jeff Sandefer.  Jeff, a mentor of mine, is an author, TEDx speaker, and the inspiring co-founder of Acton Academy.

Healthy Bodies Support Bright Brains

Healthy bodies support bright brains.  Joining us today is a special guest, Dr. Krista Burns.  Dr. Krista, founder of the American Posture Institute, is an author, TEDx speaker, international lecturer, and a proud auntie of Acton learners.  She will be sharing with us today how to set up a healthy learning space for your children because healthy bodies support bright brains.

Embracing Failures to Achieving Mastery

Learner driven communities must embrace failure in their pursuit of mastery.  In this interview, we will discuss what this means to Anna Emerick-Biad, the founder of Acton Academy Mesilla Valley in Las Cruces, New Mexico.

Hero Story Showcase

Matt Beaudreau’s passion for learner driven communities is contagious.  He has exemplified this by his amazing affiliate Acton Academy Placer, Placer Co. California.  We are very fortunate to learn from him, as the host of Essential 11 Podcast and TEDx speaker he inspires audiences around the globe with his outstanding storytelling skills.

A Call to Action: Overcoming Challenges

Our country is certainly facing a challenging time, from the health of our citizens to the current economic crisis.  There is no better time to answer the call to action, as a nation we must overcome these challenges.  Join the Acton of the Rubies team as we discuss how we are answering this Call to Action.


Dare to Be Great: Find a Calling Change the World

Dare to be great, empower your child to find their calling and change the world.  Jake Thompson Founder of Heroes Academy in Boise, ID is the perfect example of daring to be great.  Jake is a TEDx speaker, MBA, and entrepreneur.


An Interview by Zoey

Zoey Heguy wanted a chance to interview her mom about her Acton Academy Journey.

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