Life in the Studio

Teacher vs. Guide?

Teacher vs. Guide?  A common question we are asked is why we call the adult in the room a guide instead of a teacher. It’s an important question, and the answer cuts to the core of our learning design here at Acton Academy Northwest Indy. Let’s investigate. At the outset, let me establish that this …

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Challenged and Happy?

Earlier this year we provided a survey to our Wonder studio learners asking them how they feel while they are at school. Each learner was able to choose four words. Here were the options:  Happy EncouragedChallengedAngryAfraidSupportedLonelyTiredBoredInterestedConfusedExcited Any guesses as to which they chose?  The top vote-getter was actually challenged, with 90% of the learners choosing it. This was closely followed by happy. 86% …

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Snapshots of Heroism

I’ve observed some remarkable moments of heroism in the studios lately, and I feel compelled to pass along a few snapshots. I find that these moments recalibrate my spirit and fortify my resolve toward the less-traveled road of a learner-driven education.    Yesterday afternoon I walked into the studio to be greeted by a beaming young …

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On Being Curious

I was recently having coffee with a friend of mine who is a successful entrepreneur. By his mid-thirties he was employing several hundred people and had developed an innovative model for senior care that has brought dignity and respect to the final chapters of thousands of people’s lives. He’s one of the most creative, courageous, …

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