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Our Learners Are (Still) Smarter Than ChatGPT

Last year, I wrote to you with some reflections about the release of Chat-GPT and how text-generating AI platforms pose an existential threat to traditional educational paradigms — that because of AI’s superiority in sheer accumulation of knowledge, solely “learning to know” is all but obsolete, and a child’s education must instead equip him with the skills …

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Fresh Eyes

The Arrows recently visited a local non-profit organization for a field trip. Our host was very complimentary of our group, commenting that he had never encountered a group of children like ours. After our visit, he gracious sent us an email with warm/cool/warm feedback about our visit, which I thought was pretty remarkable and worth …

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Teacher vs. Guide?

Teacher vs. Guide?  A common question we are asked is why we call the adult in the room a guide instead of a teacher. It’s an important question, and the answer cuts to the core of our learning design here at Acton Academy Northwest Indy. Let’s investigate. At the outset, let me establish that this …

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Challenged and Happy?

Earlier this year we provided a survey to our Wonder studio learners asking them how they feel while they are at school. Each learner was able to choose four words. Here were the options:  Happy EncouragedChallengedAngryAfraidSupportedLonelyTiredBoredInterestedConfusedExcited Any guesses as to which they chose?  The top vote-getter was actually challenged, with 90% of the learners choosing it. This was closely followed by happy. 86% …

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