Acton Academy Northwest Indianapolis Reviews

At Acton Academy NW Indy, we send out regular surveys to our families asking them to rate how we are doing and provide comments about their experience. This is an unusual practice for a school, but we believe that there is no better way to understand how we are doing (and improve where needed) than by simply asking our families.

The format of our survey is a Net Promoter Score, which asks how likely you would be on a scale of 1 to 10 to recommend us to someone like yourself. This is the gold standard format for customer experience surveys, and business consultancies have widely studied it. A decent score is 50. Anything above 80 is considered world class and places a business among the very best in its industry.

At Acton Academy NW Indy, our Net Promoter Score stands at an incredible 98.


Our survey also allows for families to leave comments about their experience. We’ve copied them below to let you hear the comments from those who know us best. Enjoy!

“The Acton environment is making my children love to learn again and strive to do better every day. We have seen a huge improvement…. [Our child] is overcoming obstacles that would have completely overwhelmed her before. Acton should be the new standard for all children and I tell everyone I can about it.”


“My learner is thriving in this environment. I really appreciate the emphasis on community, character development and critical thinking. Allowing the kids to own their education provides such a wonderful environment for growth and a sense of pride in what they are doing.” 


“Our son has gained very noticeable confidence, curiosity, a love of learning, and tons of other traits that we don’t think we’d see at almost any other school, especially public schools.”


“We love Acton. It’s the best school we could have possibly hoped for and we’re so glad we found it!”


“Simply the BEST!!! We couldn’t recommend Acton or the Collars any higher. It’s an academic dream come true for our family!”


“[Our learner] is able to work at her own pace. She is thriving because of how the day is structured and the opportunity she has to master skills and then move on. We believe the independence she is being given is helping her immensely in her development as a lifelong learner. We also believe that this independence and the unique opportunity to fail and learn from failure in this kind of setting is an invaluable lesson and experience. It is definitely an experience she would not get in a traditional schooling environment.” 


“Our daughters are so happy at Acton Academy! They are learning skills and developing virtues that will help them be successful in life and prepare them for the 21st century. I love the ability they have to connect with their fellow [learners] on a deeper level on a day-to-day basis. I love that my daughters are accountable for their own learning and pursuing their natural curiosities. I am so thankful that our family is on the Acton journey!”


“We love Acton! My kids love going to school and have a passion for learning and I know it’s because they are in a setting built for thriving.”


“The level of individual responsibility and ownership of both of my (very different) children continues to amaze me every day. The relationship they have with each other is something we didn’t factor in our decision, but has been a wonderful perk. The way they look forward to exhibition and “quest launch” is so fun to witness.”


“Acton is how every child should be learning.”


“My son likes school for the first time in his life. Also, the other kids there are good influences and clearly the guides care a lot about the kids and their education.”


“Acton has been wonderful for our boys. They have really thrived in this learning environment and we feel it would be beneficial to many, many families.”


“We love the small community feel, the values transmitted to the children, the focus on independent learning and supporting others. We love the freedom they get to explore what they like.”


“We have had an amazing experience at Acton this year. It was everything we hoped our child’s education would be.”


“I see the positive traits my learner has developed with Acton. And it stands out when she’s with children from other schools.”


“The transparency is something lacking in other schools. Not only does Acton highlight learning curriculum but the personal growth the children experience in this environment is unmatched.”


“If you value your child’s growth in character just as much or more than their growth academically, this is the school for you.”


“It took a bit for Acton to grow on me as it was a bit different than what I experienced, but I’m very happy. It’s taught my daughter more life skills by the age of 6 than I ever learned in public schools. I especially appreciate the public speaking part that the students are encouraged to do and learn….”


“The commitment to practical experiences is unlike any school we’ve seen!”


“We have seen our son thrive at Acton. Much more so than the public school he had been in.”


“I admire that Acton promotes a love of learning versus rote memorization.”


“My child is learning that he is responsible for and capable of taking charge of his own learning and growth.”


“Their voices matter. Learning is self-paced and self-driven. My children feel confident and successful. They are learning problem-solving skills for real life situation.”


“We feel the learning environment, self-direction, and demonstration for mastery are an excellent setup for learning and finding oneself.”


“I love the freedom they have to learn, make mistakes, take responsibility for their mistakes and find ways to correct course.”


“Children learn to care about their own education and take responsibility for their decisions. Working through challenges and mistakes is valued. Acton holds space for many different kinds of learners to be successful.”

“This is the absolute best school we have ever be a part of or learned about. JD and Liz do an amazing job making it the best environment for my learner.”


“The learning style would be beneficial to many children and I encourage many families to at least investigate Acton. Plus, the familiar culture is amazing within Acton Indy.”


“Our learner has found a place where he feels excited to learn.” 


“We love Acton. Our son is flourishing there and we care very happy with our decision to change school last year. We are now in our second year and we hope to have many more to come.” 


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